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FreedomCWTSFreedom Home Care is excited to announce that they have raised the bar on transparency and communication between families and caregivers with the introduction of their new Client Wellness Tracking System (FreedomCWTS).

This system incorporates computer tablet technology and customized software which is placed in the home of each client, allowing caregivers to check in, make notes, and send important updates on the health and well-being of each client.

The FreedomCWTS system is set to send alerts for falls, weight-loss, change in appetite, change in insulin/oxygen levels and blood pressure readings.  When one of these things happens, the Freedom Home Care team is notified and can follow up immediately.  This is their way of preventing hospitalizations and staying on top of each client’s care.

In fact, Freedom Home Care tracked hospital stays during a 6 month introductory period of FreedomCWTS and found that it helped prevent 93% of their clients from returning to a hospital within 30 days of discharge.

Now, with access to FreedomCWTS, it is easier than ever before for families to keep track of their loved one’s progress, with access to updates from caregivers, medical documentation and prescription information, all in one place.

Freedom Home Care is happy to bring this new tablet computer technology to their clients with the goal of making life easier for families and their loved ones. Contact Freedom Home Care today at 1 (877) 262-1223 to learn more.