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June Heroes of the Month at Freedom Home Care

We’re honoring two amazing caregivers as June’s Heroes of the Month. These women have exemplified what it means to serve your clients at the highest level. They show professionalism and compassion day in and day out! Freedom Home Care Hero: Joy Best We are so excited to honor our wonderful caregiver, Joy Best, as Hero of the Month! Joy was born in Brooklyn, New York and was raised by immigrant parents, who are from Belize in Central America. She has been a CNA for 25 years, staring in her early twenties, and absolutely loves what she does! As a child,
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Alzheimer’s Month at The Wildbird Shack

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month has returned. We take this month very seriously as Alzheimer’s disease is something we work with closely. There are lots of ways to improve the lives of those with the disease. We discussed one of these methods with Alyse at The Wildbird Shack. Sensory Stimulation Sensory stimulation is important to those with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It helps engage all the senses when outside with a bird house or sensory garden. Sight, sound, and smell can all easily be engaged when surrounded by these things. The colors of flowers, the houses, and the birds create a positive visual
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Meet The Clients: Mr. Rosenberg

Recently, we got to visit another of our clients, Richard Rosenberg. We were astonished to see his collection and hobby that he’s had his entire life. Mr. Rosenberg worked as a pharmacist but his real passion lied with trains. It began when he was young and his father who worked for the railroad company got him into the hobby. Richard’s current collection has been over 37 years in the making. His newest track that covers the whole basement has been a 10 year project. Most of it took a year and a half and he has been adding to it
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