Freedom Home Care Suggests Seniors Need Support Upon Release from Hospitalization

Highland Park, IL, May 27, 2011, – Illinois based Freedom Home Care provides temporary services for seniors when they are immediately released from the hospital. Research indicates that seniors need assistance at home on the day of discharge to make sure they understand the discharge instruction and to ensure that are following instructions safely.
“Many families aren’t in the position to take extended time off to care for loved ones. The family usually spends a considerable amount of time at the hospital and it’s difficult to continue providing support once seniors are released,” said Jacqueline Lotzof, Director of Business Development at Freedom Home Care. “We provide a caregiver on the day of discharge that ensures they get home safely, they understand discharge instructions and follows instructions safely.”
Freedom Home Care provides bedside hospital care and assistance to seniors that are no longer sick enough to be in the hospital but not necessarily 100 percent to be on their own. There is no hourl

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y minimum or long term commitment. They provide a 24-hour on-call staff that is ready to assist with any home care needs.
“Studies indicate that when a patient is discharged alone, it’s possible that they won’t comprehend complicated medical instructions, increasing medication errors,” Lotzof continued. “These are seniors that have not been diagnosed with dementia or any other cognitive problems.”

About Freedom Home Care

Freedom Home Care, headquartered in Highland Park, Illinois, is a premier home care agency that services the greater Chicagoland Area and Southern Wisconsin. Home care services range from post-hospital care, day surgery companion care and hospice care, to daily home visits for meal preparation, personal care, companionship and other needs.
For additional information please contact Jacqueline Lotzof at or visit