Questions to Ask When Hiring

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Home Care Provider

  • Is the agency licensed as home health, home services, home nursing or home services/home nursing employment agency?
  • Are the caregiver and agency licensed through the Illinois Department of Health?
  • Are the agency and its caregivers bonded for theft and property damage?
  • Are the agency and its caregivers insured if there is an injury in the home so I am NOT liable?
  • Who handles paying the taxes for employing the caregiver?
  • Has the caregiver had a thorough background check?
  • What type of training has the caregiver had?
  • What if I am unhappy with a caregiver? What if I realize this at 9 p.m. on a weekend?
  • Does the caregiver drive and have their own vehicle?
  • Am I required to give the caregiver breaks during the day and/or at night?
  • What is covered by my insurance and what is the difference between Home Health and Private Duty Home Care?
  • How often will an R.N., P.T. or O.T. come to the home if I already have home health coming out?
  • Will someone come to the home to visit me from the agency other than the caregiver?
  • Can I interview staff before they start working with me or my loved?
  • Are there any hidden/unexpected fees such as placement fees, assessment fees, etc.?
  • When and how often are rates raised?
  • What are the agency’s cancellation policies?
  • Are there any hourly minimums for care?
  • How do you handle overtime for employees?
  • Do you charge more for nights, weekends and/or holidays?
  • What is the difference between a “come and go” and “live-in” caregiver? How do I know if I can have a “live-in” caregiver vs. two 12-hour caregivers on shifts?
  • Do I have to sign a contract for care and am I committed to using the agency for a set amount of time?
  • Do I have to have a set schedule for care or can I call as needed for staff?

Things to Consider When Hiring a Caregiver

  • Has my family member had a caregiver in their home before?
  • Are they accepting of the care?
  • Is memory loss a factor in the type of care we need and how?
  • Are we looking for a “come and go” or “live-in” caregiver and what needs does the caregiver have for “come and go” vs. “live-in”?
  • What type of person will best get along with my family member, especially when personal care is an expectation?
  • Does my family member need re-directing and what triggers work best to re-direct them?
  • Are there behaviors or safety risks that staff should be aware of?
  • Does my family member have special hobbies, interests or specific things that they enjoy participating in what would be beneficial for the caregiver to try engaging them in?
  • Will I need a caregiver that drives with their own vehicle?

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