Your Mental Health: The Silva Method of Meditation

Twenty years ago, a friend exposed me to the Silva Method, a meditation system that trains those that practice it to take better control of their mental processes.  This way of meditation allows you to calm yourself and remove the interference that comes with day-to-day life.  Following this practice for nearly twenty years has allowed me to feel better mentally and physically, better preparing me to meet life’s challenges in a more positive way.
I recommend meditation as a valuable practice for others so that they can experience this same level of mental health.  The actual benefits of meditation are immeasurable but, according the Silva Method, include the following:
Manage stress effectively
Stress can be good or bad, it all depends on our reaction to it.  The practice of meditation helps you cultivate positive reactions to stress, such as motivation and energy and decrease the negative effects, which can be paralyzing.  When you have your reaction to stress in check, you’re able to be more effective, inspired and authentic each and every day.
Go beyond your limiting beliefs
According to the Silva Method, a belief statement is something that

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you make to yourself about what you hold to be true.  These statements direct the way in which your life unfolds.  The focus acquired through meditation allows you to change your belief statements and in turn, alter the direction of your life.
Think of what you want and only that
Along with the Silva Method experts, I believe that our thoughts precede the physical manifestation of things or situations.  Positive or negative, thoughts will become reality, as energy tends to attach itself to thought.  Training your thoughts to focus on the positive desires you have for your life increases the chance that you’ll get what you want, whatever it may be.  Meditating on your positive thoughts increases the likelihood of their manifestation even more.
Use more of your brain and mind
The Silva Method exercises in particular teach us to slow down our brain processes so that we can make decisions at an inner conscious level.  Doing this allows us to be more creative and intuitive throughout our lives.
Whatever you’re dealing with in your own life, consider how adding meditation to your daily routine might help.  I’ve seen it change my own life and the lives of others and know that it has the potential to work wonders for you, as well.