Understanding the advantages of the National Private Duty Association

Making the decision to move forward with home health care is no simple task. Although it is often a collective decision made by a handful of concerned family members, it is still one of the most difficult choices in life.
But once the choice is made, the deliberations are far from over. The next step is choosing a caregiver or caregiver organization. Often times, family members feel unqualified to differentiate one home care provider from the next.
This is where the National Private Duty Association steps in. Established to help families find trusted and reliable home care providers, the National Private Duty Association also serves as a resource for learning about what to expect with private pay home care.
The peace of mind that comes from trusting a governing body like the National Private Duty Association is priceless. When care providers like Freedom Home Care become a member of the National Private Duty Association, it is as though they’ve received the ultimate stamp of

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Becoming a member requires a comprehensive application process that ensures providers adhere to these strict guidelines:
A company must…

  • Screen and select caregivers prior to an assignment.
  • Hire their caregivers and not use independent contractors.
  • Adhere to state and federal guidelines in employment practices, in instances such as
  • withholding required taxes, providing workers’ compensation and conducting background and reference checks
  • Develop an individualized plan of care with input from the client and family.
  • Have 24/7 on-call availability.
  • Monitor the caregiver services and make regular visits to the client’s home.
  • Manage all payroll and employee-related matters.

Freedom Home Care is a long-established charter member of the National Private Duty Association and has adopted the organization’s standards as its own. To learn more about those standards and the association as a whole, head to the National Private Duty Association website. You’ll be relieved you did.