Establishing a prescription drug main brain

In the following video, two doctors, Dr. Andrew Duxbury, professor of clinical geriatrics at the University of Alabama, as well as Dr. Barbara Paris of New York, who specializes in internal medicine and geriatric medicine, discuss the importance of monitoring prescription medication.
“One of the concepts that I use with older adults in terms of medication is the one that I call the Main Brain,” Dr. Duxbury explains. “And that is that they have one physician, nurse practitioner or health care provider whom they trust who becomes the keeper of their medication list so that no matter where the

y’re going in the health care system, how their prescriptions are working or who is writing their prescriptions, that there be one person whose responsibility it is to think through their prescriptions, to double check their lists, to reconcile their medication list and to do a brown bag review when necessary so that things don’t fall through the cracks.”
To learn what steps are necessary to develop a successful medication regiment watch the video and then talk to the folks at Freedom Home Care, who can help make that goal a reality.