Three straightfoward questions to ask a potential caregiver

When it comes to choosing a caregiver for your aging loved one, there are a lot of options. And we here at Freedom Home Care understand that it is not an easy decision to make. Therefore, to make the transition easier, we offer free in-home consultations in order for you to learn more about our services and to do so face to face.
During the meeting – or while interviewing any potential caregiver – it’s important to ask the right questions., a website dedicated to providing tips, news and advice plus reverse mortgage and Medicare tools for seniors and boomers, suggests asking the following three questions. Straightforward and to the point, they are meant to ease the stress of choosing a caregiver and truly find the right caregiver for your loved one.
1. What Kind of Training Do You Have? says that this is probably the most important question to ask when interviewing a possible caregiver. “If your loved one needs special treatments, you will want to hire a qualified caregiver,” the website explains. “You wouldn’t want someone who has no experience administering IVs, practicing this on your loved one. Another

reason you should ask this is because someone with the proper medical training will be better prepared if something goes wrong. Make sure they have experience in doing whatever it is that your loved one will require.”
2. What Responsibilities Are You Comfortable Taking On?
“Find out exactly what tasks the caregiver will be comfortable doing,” stresses. “If your loved one is going to require help with basic everyday tasks, such as dental hygiene, getting dressed, bathing, etc., you should make sure that the potential care giver is up to that kind of responsibility. Also ask if they are comfortable with light cleaning, and cooking. Don’t just expect that the caregiver will assume the responsibility as housekeeper and cook as well as caregiver. You should be specific about what kind of care your loved one will require.”
3. What made You Pursue a Career As a Caregiver?
“This is a very important question to ask,” the website continues. “The caregiver should give you a response about how they enjoy working with the elderly and helping people. If they mention anything about how easy the training is, or if they can’t really give you an answer, those are red flags. Make sure the person you hire takes their job seriously, and does it because they want to.”
And although these questions are clear and concise, it’s also helpful to know that the caregivers at Freedom Home Care receive on-going training throughout their career. They attend classes focused on regulations and procedures and obtain advanced training under the supervision of registered nurses.