Celebrating Chicago’s North Shore communities

More than 150 years ago, Europeans settled in what are now known as Chicago’s North Shore communities. After an 1833 treaty with local Native Americans, the area was free for the picking. Towns like Evanston rose up once Northwestern University opened its doors in 1855 and even more emerged upon the founding of Lake Forest College two years later.
After the devastation of the Great Chicago Fire, city dwellers escaped to its quiet neighborhoods, building mansions and beautiful homes that still line the streets today. Ever since, the tight-knit communities have welcomed even more residents to raise families and open businesses. Electric rail lines tied these lush towns and cities to C

hicago, forever creating the perfect blend of rural and urban living.
For the contemporary communities of Skokie, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles and parts of Glenview, a membership organization has been in place for social service providers to carry on the tradition of community. Established as the Niles Township Interagency Council, the group works to enhance its members’ knowledge of those communities’ resources to help the area residents develop strong working relationships.
Freedom Home Care is one of those member businesses, and we make it a point to take advantage of the host of opportunities it creates for networking within the community. When FHC representatives attend meetings, they are offered the chance to tap into the expertise of a multitude of speakers from social service agencies and employment services, further supporting our mission to serve the area well.