Finding inspiration from senior athletes

Last week we reported on Hiroshi Hoketsu of Japan, a 71-year-old competing at the 2012 London Olympics in the individual dressage for Japan’s equestrian team. Hoketsu’s accomplishments are impressive. He is, after all, the oldest individual to do so in the last 92 years.
As you’ll see in the video below, Hoketsu isn’t the only senior out there showing off their athletic prowess. The National Senior Games also known as the Senior Olympics is bringi

ng together a whole host of aging individuals who despite their age are participating in competitive games.
In Tennessee, for example, tens of thousands of senior athletes have been inspiring youth and elderly alike for more than 30 years. And BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has been proud to support them – and the Tennessee Senior Olympics – every step of the way.
So watch and be inspired. We here at Freedom Home Care are.