Sleeping your way to 100

The next time you hear the ridiculous phrase, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” you may want to let the individual know that their chances of reaching age 100 could be slim as long as a good night’s sleep isn’t part of the equation. According to a Wall Street Journal article, extra sleep and a healthy diet equate to a longer life lived.
The primary findings of a United Healthcare study that looked at centenarians and baby boomers and the possibility of reaching the age of 100 revealed that “many boomers are embracing lifestyles that could lead to a long and rewarding life – with two exceptions,” the WSJ relayed. “More than seven in 10 centenarians – 71% – say they get eight hours or more of sleep each night. By contrast, only 38% of boomers say they get th

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e same amount of rest. And when it comes to eating right, more than eight in 10 centenarians say they regularly consume a balanced meal, compared with just over two-thirds (68%) of baby boomers.”
As of the U.S. Census Bureau’s late-2010 figures, there were approximately 72,000 centenarians and according to forecasts, by 2050, there could be 600,000 as the baby-boomer population ages. That’s a lot cat naps to be had between now and then.
But seriously, to reach 100, in addition to getting a restful night’s sleep, social connections, exercise and spiritual activity will help. “Among surveyed centenarians, almost nine in 10 – fully 89% – say they communicate with a family member or friend every day; about two thirds (67%) pray, meditate or engage in some form of spiritual activity; and just over half (51%) say they exercise almost daily,” the WSJ explained.
Freedom Home Care’s caregivers encourage their patients to practice healthy living and look forward to hearing that patients get the same encouragement from friends and family members who communicate on a regular basis.