FHC Hosts its 2nd Annual Caregiver Appreciation Day

This Aug. 3, Freedom Home Care hosted its 2nd annual caregiver appreciation day and then followed it up with a company outing at Ravinia Park in Highland Park to listen to Crosby Stills & Nash. The all-day celebration was in response to yet another year of unmatched services provided by FHC staff.
During the event, the FHC family had the opportunity to earn training credits in multiple areas and were able to do so in a fun and interactive way. The activities fostered personal growth and camaraderie within FHC’s already tight-knit team. In addition to professional development, caregivers and management alike had the chance to listen to guest speakers throughout the day and engage in important discussions that are encountered by caregivers on a daily basis, including Accuchecks. vital sign management and diet management.

“Caregiver Appreciation Day will cover many essential and practical techniques to help sharpen the skill working with older patients,” an FHC press release explained. “Learning how to identify warning signs when working with older adults will be explained. This will be reviewed along with understanding depression and dementia in older patients, and in doing so, communicating effectively with them. In addition, caregivers will learn successful interviewing skills.”
The press release went on to describe the celebration as a chance for caregivers to interact with one another in an extraordinary way. Typically, caregivers work in a one-on-one environment, but FHC makes it a priority to give its staff a chance to cultivate a team environment.
At the end of the celebration, three winners were honored with the title of Caregiver of the Year. Each award was granted to a well-deserving staff member and was based on submissions from FHC’s management team and more importantly from the people who matter most – FHC clients.