Sit and be fit with Mary Ann Wilson

Yesterday, we here at Freedom Home Care reported on the importance of maintaining healthy bones, joints and muscles in order to increase coordination and balance. In our post, we talked about the benefits that come from weight-bearing activities like taking a walk.
Understanding that all older individuals might not have the mobility to get out of the home, we are happy to take advantage of the exercises suggested by the PBS series, Sit and be Fit. In it, Mary Ann Wilson focuses on healthy activities that can take place while sitting in any household chair. For the video that we’ve posted below, she incorporates a large ball, which works the eyes and in turn, the inner ear, which also improves balance as well as spatial awareness.
For anyone who might not have a large ball, 10 minutes of the video are devoted to her classic exercises that do not require one. And we believe those 10 minutes will be incredibly beneficial for anyone who is unable to get around easily. If you do have a ball, the total video time is 26 minutes – a great workout no matter your age or mobility.