How to be at ease with a new in-home caregiver

Family members will often take on the added responsibility of taking care of an aging loved so as to not bring a caregiver into the home. Often the burden can be too great, but because of apprehension surrounding potential in-home care candidates, family members feel that they do not have any other choice.

By understanding the demographics of the caregiver community, however, and by knowing the high level of standards placed on Freedom Home Care during the hiring process, we hope to diminish some of those uncertainties.
As we here at Freedom Home Care have explained in past blogs, we are a member of the National Private Duty Association, which was established to help families find trusted and reliable home care providers. The National Private Duty Association places great emphasis on being a credible resource for learning about what to expect with private pay home care.
“When hiring caregivers, private duty agencies place great emphasis on selecting individuals who have the right personal tra – Hot New Site From! – 75

its to provide high-quality, relationship-based care,” say the editors at the National Private Duty Association. “The most important traits that home care agencies look for in their caregivers are compassion, positive attitudes, communication skills and patience.”
According to the association, 64 percent of all caregivers have previously cared for an elderly family member or friend and 96 percent of all home care companies provide training programs for those employees. For members of the National Private Duty Association, those numbers are greatly enhanced. Being a member of the National Private Duty Association requires a comprehensive application process that ensures providers adhere to strict guidelines.
At Freedom Home Care we are dedicated to ensuring quality care is delivered in a caring, compassionate and consistent manner to each individual client. To accomplish this, Freedom Home Care has maintained membership with the National Private Duty Association in addition to developing numerous in-house systems and programs to manage the delivery of care to our clients.
If you have any questions about our hiring practices, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Caring for your family members is our number one priority, but making sure that you are comfortable with your decision is just as important.