Tapping into the senior tech trend

In the past, tech-savvy wasn’t necessarily a descriptor attached to those in the 65-plus age group. That term was reserved for the younger generations who were delving into the latest and greatest online tools. That is, until now.
As we here at Freedom Home Care have mentioned in previous blogs, older Americans are taking the Internet for a test drive, and what they’re finding is that it’s an incredibly valuable way to stay in touch with family members and friends – and the entire world around them.
For seniors who haven’t already hopped on the World Wide Web express, there are a ton of resources available to help make it happen. And it’s nice to learn that there are programs out there like

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href=”http://www.seniortechrally.com/”>Senior TechRally that were developed specifically with the elderly in mind. TechRally’s nationwide tour happened in response to what seniors had to say in a series of focus groups and surveys aimed at assessing their communication needs.
“Large groups of seniors gathered to share their sentiments and experiences surrounding technology– some were frustrated, some were hopeful, but almost everyone was thirsty for technology education that would help them to stay better connected to the world around them,” Senior TechRally explained.
And although the tour is starting off slow, with just a few stops around the nation, there are a ton of resources in the Freedom Home Care area for seniors to tap into. Chicago’s Metropolitan area YWCAs are a good place to start. For any other questions about becoming more tech savvy, talk to your FHC caregiver who would be happy to find out what’s available for you.