What to expect from a doctor’s appointment to assess cognition

At a certain point in everyone’s life, memory can begin to fail. It is just one part of the aging process. For some, however, decreases in memory are more than just a sign of growing old. They can, in fact, be precursors to Alzheimer’s disease and therefore should be assessed by a physician.
In the following video, produced by the Alzheimer’s Association, Dr. Joshua Chodosh walks a patient through a typical appointment where he assesses cognition and then recommends

follow-up treatment. In some cases, elderly individuals are hesitant to undergo a cognition assessment, which is where the video steps in. It serves as an example for what a patient can expect and in turn, can put his or her mind at ease.
To talk to someone about Alzheimer’s disease, feel free to reach out to Freedom Home Care. We have experience with how to care for the disease and want our patients to consider us as a valuable resource.