Caregiving on the silver screen, from the oldest-ever Oscar nominee

Yesterday, the folks here at Freedom Home Care gave a much-deserved shout-out to 76-year-old Shirley Bassey, the voice behind multiple James Bond theme songs. Bassey serves as an inspiration not just for seniors, but for all individuals and especially those who are striving to make their way in the competitive field of entertainment.
Like Bassey, Emmanuelle Riva, the 86 year old nominated for best actress for her role in the French film, “Amour,” is an inspiration for many, as well. In addition to those in the film industry, those in the field of caregiving consider her a role model. Her part in Amour gave her an intimate understanding of what it’s like to rely on another person for care.

In the film, Riva, playing the part of Anne, suffers a stroke and is left paralyzed on one side of her body. She must rely on her husband, Georges, who pledges to be her caregiver. His responsibility in caring for her becomes even greater after she experiences a second stroke.
“‘Amour' is a film about love, not a film about death or illness,” Riva said in December in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “Love is the essence of life; love touches all of our work. Love never leaves us. It clings to us, and we cling to it.”