Study shows benefits of brisk walks for stroke survivors

This Sunday at 2:00 a.m., American will set their clocks forward, serving as a reminder that spring is on its way. And with warmer weather right around the corner, taking in the outdoors will be so much easier. According to a recent study, taking brisk walks can be incredibly beneficial for those who have suffered from a stroke. It can “improve their physical fitness, enjoy a better quality of life, and increase their mobility,” say the editors of
The study was carried out in Jamaica at the University of the West Indies. More than 120 stroke survivors participated with an average age of 64. Despite the natural fear of falling that can arise after a stroke, all of the participants were able to walk on their own with or without the help of a cane.

“The results showed that compared to the controls, the exercisers reported a 16.7% improvement in health-related quality of life, and they walked 17.6% further in a six-minute physical endurance test,” the editors said. “The walking group also had a 1.5% lower resting heart rate at the end of the study than they did at the beginning, while the controls' resting heart rate went up 6.7%.”
Because the days are soon to get longer and warmer, we here at Freedom Home Care encourage everyone to get a little outside exercise. Although the study heralds the benefits of walking for stroke survivors, taking a walk is a great idea for everyone.