Celebrating the seniors in our lives

The reason that we here at Freedom Home Care started blogging was to help the seniors in our lives live comfortably and happy. Our goal was always to offer any advice that we could to help make healthy living a possibility.
From time to time, we also try to highlight the successful seniors in this world who are doing stupendous things. We’ve written about all sorts of famous seniors citizens from 70-year-old Olympians to Academy Award winning actors. What we realized, however, is that we don’t get to spend enough time celebrating the elderly loved ones in all our lives.

To kick off the new mantra, we’d like to start with the following video. It was compiled by the folks at Buzz Feed, and it serves as a great reminder of the wealth of wisdom held by our grandparents, our aging friends and basically anyone who has lived a long life and is willing to share what they’ve learned. Enjoy!