Three steps to “catch yourself” before falling

The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence at the University of Southern California is one of the top authorities on falls in the elderly population. The group spends their efforts helping those at risk to avoid falls of any kind. Therefore, they target those who are suffering from muscle weakness, arthritis, a history of falling, depression, difficulty balancing or walking, difficulty thinking or vision problems as well as those who take multiple medications.
According to the group’s “Catch Yourself: Simple Steps to Prevent Falls” brochure, the following suggestions should help you or aging loved ones stay on their own two feet:
1. Have a fall risk assessment and review of your medications performed by your physician or a trained health care professional

  • Ask your doctor about fall risk factors during your physical exam
  • Ask your pharmacist about medication interactions
  • Review your medications periodically with a health professional

2. Engage in regular physical activity

  • Ask your physician what types of activities would be best for you
  • Determine a plan for regular physical activity that fits with your abilities and interests
  • Consider targeted balance and mobility exercises that are most effective at reducing fall risk

3. Get an assessment of your home environment and make changes to reduce safety risks

  • Use a home safety checklist or consult with a professional to identify home safety risks
  • Modify your home to make it safer – for example, reduce clutter, improve lighting and assure handrails and grab bars are securely installed

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