Illinois Has Seniors Make Tough Decisions

In home senior careIllinois has had severe money problems for some time now. Unfortunately, those problems are beginning to more severely affect many of the seniors who reside here. Due to lack of funds, the state will soon stop paying non-profit home healthcare agencies. Although they are accustomed to waiting for months for payments, many non-profit agencies will be forced to close if the money completely stops. This means that the 80,000 seniors using these agencies’ services will soon be scrambling.
Seniors in the position of losing services can get ahead of this problem by researching other options before the full effect hits. For some, nursing homes are a fine option. However, the high cost of living in a nursing home often prevents it from being a practical choice.
Many seniors prefer maintaining in-home care. They want to stay in their homes, have the option to come and go as they please, and keep some autonomy. These men and women are looking into private in-home care options that are friendly to their freedom and their budget.

The problems for Illinois seniors are only getting worse. While Illinois figures it all out, it is time to act and find other care options before losing the care that is so essential.