Senior-Proofing to Prevent a Fall

caution fall preventionFalling is a major concern of many seniors.  Taking the time to make the home safe is well worth saving the senior from injury, as well as the cost and time that goes along with it. This process is a bit like childproofing, but you don’t have to put locks on the toilet and refrigerator!

First, walk slowly through each room of the senior’s house, evaluating the furniture, lighting, and clutter.
Furniture should be checked for sharp corners and curtains should be shortened if they touch the floor. Putting a rug on a slippery floor may seem like a good idea, but be careful in choosing the rug.  A rug with edges that turn up could be a hazard, as could one not secured to the floor.
Look at the home’s lighting at night.  A well-lit hallway during the day can become dangerously dark in the evening.  Placing nightlights in darkened areas can make travelling through them much safer.
Any clutter should be taken off of the floor.  Magazines, mail, and books are particularly dangerous as they are not often seen and are very slippery.  If the senior has a pet, minimize the toys the pet uses, and have a place off of they floor where the toys can be stored.
Of course, falls can still happen despite all precautions.  Consider investing in a Medical Alert System.  Simply possessing one of these can ease the mind of a senior, and it can be essential should a fall occur.