The Future of News

newspapersThe modern trend in news is to consume it digitally.  As more newspapers and broadcasts disappear from lack of consumption, what remains is limited and can often be tainted with opinions of those running the news outlets.  But as those sources decrease in reliability and viewership, more digital sources are appearing everyday.  From independent news websites, to blogs, to apps, to sites controlled by current news outlets, there are many ways to find interesting and relevant news.

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There are hundreds of sites where someone can get their fix of news that is important to them.  If it all seems overwhelming, some apps, such as Pulse for Android, bring the online news from various outlets into an easily readable format based on the reader’s interest. News junkies appreciate that they can find the news they are most interested in more quickly.
Older adults have traditionally consumed more news, and the news industry is working to tailor their apps and websites to those of that generation who have come to own smart phones and tablets.  It seems to be working, as we see more and more adults are using digital news to supplement, though not substitute, the news they currently watch or read.  In this digital age of news, current news is available to all nearly the moment it happens, and Americans can’t get enough of it.