Program Ensures Seniors’ Pets are Cared for Too

Senior with petDogs and cats have proven to be excellent companions for seniors. Especially if they are lonely in their homes and just want something fluffy to cuddle up on their lap. However, the concern is that the pet is being cared for properly. Sometimes, even if they would like to, a cat or dog may not be getting the care it needs.
An article published by tells about a program developed by Sacramento SPCA that keeps seniors with their pets. Roxy Stan, 68, has never been without her pets. After she fell ill, it became clear she may not be able to keep them. She could not get her cat, Katy, to the vet, pay bills for the cat’s infection, or provide basic cleaning and feeding practices.

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The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Senior Care Program offers help to needy pet owners who are 65 or older. The program sends volunteers to the homes of those who need help caring for their pet. They do everything from cleaning a litter box, filling water bowls, vet visits, to dog walks.
Studies have found many benefits to seniors who have pets. Some include lower blood pressure, lower anxiety, and general increased happiness. These programs are expanding across the country. If you would like assistance for you fury companion, be sure to find the nearest SPCA group in your area.