Go On, Have Another Cup

Are you looking for another excuse to drink your favorite coffee every morning?  Well, a study recently done in Japan in conjunction with the American Heart Association found that drinking coffee and green tea daily lowered the risk of strokes.
It was determined that the risk of stroke was lowered by 20% in those who had a cup of Joe every morning.  Green tea was also beneficial, but participants had to drink four or more cups to see the same 20% reduction.  And even though the researchers did notice that those who consumed tea and coffee daily had generally healthier lifestyles, the reduction of stroke from coffee and tea consumption still stood.
And how does the tea and coffee work its magic?  Well, scientists don’t really know.  Researchers aren’t sure if it’s the caffeine or something else in those beverages that make them so beneficial to our health.  But although they can’t find what the secret ingredient is, they know from the studies that it works.

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In other research, it was found that coffee and green tea could also lower the risk of heart attacks.  Although that was not supported in the Japanese study, it’s still a good reason to keep up with your morning brew.
Of course, coffee is not enough.  Healthy eating, not smoking, and exercise are essential to keeping a healthy body.  But adding a cup of coffee or tea sure wouldn’t hurt!
Source: Huffington Post