Gardening Great Exercise for Summer

As the weather gets warmer and the first flowers begin to bloom, it is an excellent time to consider starting a garden.  Everyone can benefit from creating and growing an edible garden.  Seniors especially can reap not only the harvest but also valuable health benefits.
Planting and maintaining a garden is often considered an enjoyable form of exercise.  Tending to the plants requires walking, reaching and bending that will maintain the senior’s flexibility and mobility.  Gardening can also encourage endurance and strength, fighting osteoporosis.  And being outdoors will reduce stress and increase relaxation, and the sunshine will give a good dose of Vitamin D.
To increase these benefits, make it a social event.  Many communities have community gardens people can join and get assigned a bit of land on which to garden.  Working alongside of others and watching the group’s work turn fruitful can be emotionally uplifting.

And the last benefit is, of course, eating the delicious and healthy food that is grown!
As with anything, think about safety when gardening.  See that equipment is put away to prevent falls.  Also, the senior should have a bottle of water when outside to prevent dehydration.  And preventing too much sun exposure is very important.  The senior should have sunscreen, a hat, and even long sleeves if there is much sun.
Source: CNN