Seniors for Seniors Pet Adoption Program

Pets have been proven to lower health risks of their owners, not to mention they make excellent companions.  But for some seniors, they don’t see getting a pet as a possibility.  Often, they can’t imagine handling the care that a puppy or kitten deserves.
Luckily many shelters have a “Seniors for Seniors” program.  Seniors for Seniors matches older adults to senior cats and dogs for fostering or adoption.  Having an older pet is helpful as they are often house-trained and more subdued than younger pets.  If the elderly person is living at home, the pet can add safety and security to the house.  Plus, nothing beats purr of a content cat in your lap, or the sigh of a happy dog as your scratch his head.  The benefit of their friendship is immeasurable.

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This service is beneficial to the older adult because of ease of finding an ideal pet, but it is even more beneficial to the pet.  Sadly, nearly every animal shelter is overpopulated, and because young animals are more likely to be adopted, senior pets are often put to sleep in as little as 48 hours after arriving at the shelter.  So Seniors for Seniors gives those pets a second chance by finding them a loving home.
There are several shelters and organizations in the area that match senior pets to new homes.  To find one close to you, go to