Be Yourself and Be Happy

Everyone keeps saying that to be happy, you just need to “be yourself”.  This simple phrase has been used so often that we are now skeptical of it.  Is there any scientific proof that “being yourself” will actually make you happier?

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Actually, there is.  A study was done by the two authors of Focus: Use Different Ways of Seeing the World for Success and Influence which surprisingly showed that “being yourself” does lead to happiness, especially if you’re a pessimist. That sure beats trying to be happy all the time!
The research study had participants identified as pessimists play word games.  Halfway through completing the games, half of the participants were told they were doing well, and half were told they were not.  The half that thought they were doing well quickly got bored with the task, and some didn’t even complete it.  The group that thought they were not doing well worked harder, did better, and completed the game.  The second group also reported more enjoyment while playing the word game.
What does that mean for the pessimists out there?  Just be your pessimistic self, and you will be happier and accomplish more.  So now if someone tells you to “look on the bright side,” you have a scientific reason to tell them that you’d be happier just being yourself, thanks.
Source: Huffington Post