Crab Lady Runs Thriving Business at the Age of 74

An Mathis begins every day by trolling for crabs. After that, she prepares crab cakes from the day’s catch, and then finds time to run a successful business; All at the age of 74.
An, who is also known as The Crab Cake Lady, arrived in the United States in 1972.  She needed to find a way to support her family.  With no knowledge of how to read or write in her own language, much less English, she realized that it would be a difficult task.  So she put her mind to selling crab cakes from the crabs she found in the creek in her home state of South Carolina.
When people around the community realized how delicious her crab cakes were, her simple idea became a bustling business.  Now, with the help of her grandsons, she is shipping crab cakes all over the world.  And even though the company has grown far beyond what she expected, she still trolls the creek every day by herself for crabs.  She is in control of every aspect.

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An Mathis is a great example of an entrepreneur who runs a business even in her “retirement years”.  And she’s not the only one.  With Americans living longer than ever, many older adults are choosing to remain at the helm of their business, or even start a new one.  And who can blame them?  Especially when they have a wonderfully successful role model like the one and only Crab Cake Lady.
Source: Fox News