Eat Green for Earth Day

Earth Day was this month, and it makes us think of ways that we can leave the world a little better for those who follow us.  One way is by eating “green”.
This doesn’t mean that you need to load up on green vegetables.  (Although eating green leafy veggies is a great way to stay healthy!)  It means to eat things that are grown in a way that benefits Mother Earth.
Eating locally is a great way to help the environment.  For example, imagine that you buy an apple at the supermarket down the street.  Chances are that the apple was grown somewhere far away, perhaps even another country.  When shipping that apple and its friends, the planes, trains, and trucks carrying the fruit burned fossil fuels, releasing dangerous emissions into the atmosphere.  If that apple had been bought locally, much less fuel would have been consumed.
To buy locally, however, you must take the seasonality of produce into consideration.  If you are buying strawberries in January, you can bet they weren’t produced locally.  So enjoy the fruits and vegetables of each season as it comes.  It may even get you to be more creative in the kitchen, basing meals around the seasonal veggie of the week!

So, enjoy local fruits and vegetables, eat “green”, and do your part for the future of our world.