Finding the Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life?  Everyone, from philosophers to theologians, has been asking this question for as long as humans have been in existence.  Scientists are now taking a crack at it, and have come up with a few tips to help us find it.
According to an article on Psych Central, the first step towards finding meaning is nature.  People who are around nature often report having more meaning in their lives.  Even just looking at pictures of nature can help.  In one interesting study, groups were shown pictures of nature in the four seasons.  People shown the seasons in the correct order reported more life satisfaction and mean

ing than those who saw pictures out of order.  So more nature in our lives leads to more meaning.
Another way to a meaningful life is coherence or connection.  When we find connections in our surroundings, life has more meaning to us.  In a study to prove this, scientists showed participants groups of words.  Those participants who had groups of words that related to one another reported having a life with more meaning.  It seems we are programmed to search for connections in our surroundings without even realizing it.  When we find these connections, we tend to find meaning.
Life is rich and full of experiences.  Based on this study, we should all make sure to enjoy nature when we can and find connections that surround us to feel that sense of belonging.