Creating a Dog Friendly Garden

Gardening is great exercise in the warm weather, but having a dog may make it more difficult.  Make your garden dog-friendly, so that both you and your companion can enjoy the spring weather together.
First, plan your garden space.  Look for well-worn places in the yard where your dog regularly walks and avoid those areas for your garden.  Take your dog’s needs into consideration when thinking of the size of the garden.  If your pup is active, a smaller garden may be best to start.  If he’s more of a sunbather than a runner, you can probably expand your plot a bit.  Also think about adding short fencing around the perimeter to discourage your dog from walking through it.
Next, figure out what you will plant.  There are several plants that are dangerous to dogs.  Common garden plants to avoid are azaleas, lilies of the valley, oleander

, and foxglove.  Be cautious when using fertilizers, and avoid insecticides if possible.  These could potentially poison your pet.
Last, train your pup to avoid the garden.  If he’s a digger and there is no way of getting around it, build a raised bed with sand and place treats and toys in it.  Then, when your pet starts to show interest in uprooting your plants, bring him or her to the “digging” bed and encourage him to dig there instead.
Constructing a dog-friendly garden will help you and your four-legged friend to make the most of these warm, sunny days. Freedom Home Care offers a Pet Care service which helps seniors keep their pets when they are unable to properly care for the animal.