Senior Safety in Summertime

When you think of summer, thoughts of sunshine, swimming, and sitting on the porch with a cold ice tea in your hand may leap into your mind.  You probably don’t think of the potential dangers related to summer.
Summer weather, particularly in Illinois, really brings the heat.  When we sweat, we lose precious water from our bodies causing dehydration if not replenished quickly.  One of the early symptoms of dehydration is dizziness.  If a senior is dehydrated and gets up too quickly, the resulting light-headedness can cause a dangerous fall.   Keep in mind that if you feel thirsty, you are already slightly dehydrated.  So keep up with liquid intake throughout the day when the weather gets warm.
The summer also brings some slippery c

onditions.  From rainy afternoons to neighbors watering their lawns, sidewalks can quickly become slick and hazardous.  When walking outside, take care to wear non-slip shoes and avoid obviously wet areas of pavement.  There may also be hidden dangers. A section grass covered in leaves could hide slippery mud or there may be a slick advertisement left on the front stoop.  Taking time to be aware of the surroundings could greatly decrease chances of falling. So drink some extra water, watch for slippery sidewalks, and enjoy your summer!
If you would like more information on senior safety during the hot summer, contact Freedom Home Care and talk to our experienced caregivers.