The Key to Longevity Revealed

Well, the key to longevity may finally be revealed. A 94 year old man tells an incredibly inspiring story about how he was able to stay active in his old age by simply exercise routinely. It seems none of us have an excuse anymore, at least when it comes to regular exercise.  Recent studies have shown that regular exercise has an even bigger impact on longevity than weight does.
You read that right. According to the research, someone who maintains an active lifestyle will live years longer than those who do not.  And it seems to not matter if you are training for a marathon or strolling briskly along the beach for an hour.  As long as the activity is routine, health will prevail and life expectancy will grow.

The idea that exercise leads to longevity certainly rings true for Murray Abramoff of Massachusetts.  Al

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though he is often mistaken for being in his seventies, this 94-year-old is still regularly exercising.  In middle age, he quit smoking and began a regular regimen of running and still continues to regularly exercise.  With hip problems, he’s not the runner that he once was, but he often works out in the pool with supervision from trainers.  And he has no intention of stopping any time soon. Read Murray Abramoff's  incredibly inspirational story here.
We can all learn something from his positive approach to working out and adding years to his life. So now that you have no more excuses, take the initiative this spring to begin or continue an exercise routine. There's no better time to get active for a longer life!