Lack of Care in Nursing Homes

Health care workers from across Minnesota came to the capitol earlier this month to demand more money from the state.  Much like Illinois, Minnesota has a lack of care in nursing homes throughout the state due to inadequate funds and lowered quality of skilled professionals in the industry.
Skilled health professionals are beginning to leave nursing homes in favor of a bigger paycheck.  And who can blame them?  They haven’t seen a pay increase in five years.
What this means is that the quality of the nursing homes relying on the money to pay their staff will decrease.  This reduction is leaving the elderly scrambling to find another place to live or resigning to a lower standard of care.
Could a positive change be in their future?  There are bipartisan bills in both the House and the Senate to increase

funding for senior health care.  But many are worried that it will not happen soon enough to stop the decline of quality nursing homes.
Illinois is seeing similar problems in health care.  With our state’s deep financial problems, funding is already reduced to many programs to help with elder care.  Nursing homes once teaming with skilled workers now have reduced staffs.  With this situation, many seniors are turning to home care to ensure that they are receiving the best care available.
Only time will tell if the states can correct their finances to deliver the care that seniors need and deserve.  Let’s just hope that they can figure it out quickly. In the mean time, Freedom Home Care is here to provide the best home care possible for seniors.