Caring for a Parent Comes with a Cost

People are living longer than ever and many older people find themselves caring for their parents.  Someone who once dreamed of a retirement full of leisure may find him or herself instead caring for an elderly parent.  Unfortunately, it can become a burden for a “child” to care for their parent and it comes with a cost. So the question is, what is the actual cost of this labor of love?
Some justify it by saying, “They cared for me in my childhood, so I should be able to care for them in their old age.”  But the financial cost can be enormous.  As adult children reduce their hours or quit their jobs to care for their parents, they can as a result lose valuable income.  Perhaps even their pension and Social Security Benefits will be reduced.
Also, caring for an elderly parent, particularly one who is ill, can be incredibly stressful and can cause the adult child’s health to decline. They may

also neglect their own health in favor of caring for their parent.
To counteract some of these issues, the adult child should remember that he isn’t alone and doesn’t have to do everything himself.  Arranging for regular in-home care for the parent can give the child some much-needed time off to take care of himself or herself.  This break will alleviate some of the stress and reduce the risk of burnout.  Home care can also be arranged so that the child can remain working, reducing some financial strain.  Having a chance to escape for some time every week can give the adult child a new lease on life.
We here at Freedom Home Care specialize in these types of specialized in home services. We provide caregivers who visit our clients regularly and do a variety of tasks such as dressing, cleaning, cooking, pet duties, and much more.