Fight the Risk of Dementia

The risk of dementia can be worrisome, not only for the senior but also for the family members caring for him or her.  Although much of the research suggests that Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia may be out of our control, some studies are saying that there are ways to prevent the condition.

Here are three ways to beat the odds of getting dementia:

  1. Work up a sweat.  It has been found that the positive circulatory effects of light exercise can reduce the risk of dementia.  Beginning a new exercise routine should be discussed with a medical provider first for suggestions of what is best.  Any type of regular movement will help gain general health, which in turn will keep the brain going strong.
  2. Eat your greens.  To reduce the risk of heart disease, and thus dementia, a proper diet is essential.  Work with a nutritionist to find what foods are best and in what amounts.  It is just as bad to eat too little as it is to eat too much.
  3. Get out the crosswords.  Keeping the brain active is very important to stave off dementia.  It can be as simple as having conversations with people every day.  Puzzles are a fun challenge and reading is also excellent for keeping your brain sharp.

Maintaining a healthy brain is ideal; so reduce the risk of future dementia by making your mind and body strong today!
Source: Perry Daily