Seniors Benefit from the Affordable Care Act

Confused about the Affordable Care Act?  Join the majority of Americans.
President Obama signed the healthcare reform law three years ago, and still most of us are unsure that we understand what it is.  In fact, a whopping 41% didn’t even know that it was still the law.  For whatever reason, the implementation seemed messy and many feel negatively about it.  And bits of the law seem a bit murky.  So, does the Affordable Care Act actually help seniors?
To answer the question simply, yes.
The new law reduces the risk of Medicare fraud.  Many seniors have fallen prey to unsavory doctors or criminals seeking the Medicare money.  So the Affordable Care Act has money set aside to fight fraud as well as provisions that will attack those who attempt to defraud the system.
The new insurance plans, including Medicare, will have preventative services with no out-of-pocket costs.  This means that an annual physical as well as screenings for cancer and other conditions will be covered 100%.  So the doctors will have a higher likelihood of catching a problem before you ever become sick.
Another benefit is that the doughnut hole will be closed.  Those seniors on Medicare know about the doughnut hole: prescriptions are covered only to a certain dollar amount and then the rest is up to the senior.  This can make monthly prescriptions very costly.  Luckily, the new law will eliminate that hole in the next 10 years.

Source: NY Times