VideoCare Keeps Seniors Connected

Isolation can be dangerous.  A senior who feels alone can become depressed and it can even begin to affect his or her health.  Many want to see more friends and family but do not have the mobility to do so.

On the other hand, many people wish they were more connected to their elderly family and friends.  Perhaps they live too far or work too much, but it can be difficult to visit often.  Nowadays, the younger generations keep in touch using technology, but not many seniors have a Facebook profile or text from their cell. So a company came up with a solution to those problems. VideoCare is a touch-screen system that keeps an elderly care recipient connected family, friends, and caregivers.  It looks like a computer, but there is no keyboard and no mouse.  The easy-to-use touch screen allows the senior to video chat by simply touching a picture of the person they wish to call.
If they feel like a little music or flipping through a posted photo album, they can easily do that too.  A friend or relative can even send them a picture “postcard” from their smartphone that will instantly arrive on the senior’s screen.  It’s like social media without the complex technology. It’s great to know that there is one more way to stay connected with those we love.
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