Pets Help Seniors Stay Healthy

May was National Pet Month, a time to celebrate the faithful dogs and the people who care for them.  Anyone who is a pet owner knows what happiness a dog can bring to a home.  Not only are they excellent at keeping the home safe but they are also endless entertainment, excellent listeners, and want nothing more than to be loved.
The benefits for seniors are even more than those mentioned.  Retirement can be a lonely time of a person’s life.  A dog can reduce some of that loneliness and can even be helpful to introduce the senior to others.  Taking the dog for a walk is a great way to strike up conversations with other dog-owners.  As the dogs get acquainted with each other, the senior will have a chance to chat with the other owner.  The action of getting out of the house and having social interaction can improve the happiness of the senior.
A dog can also reduce the senior’s stress level.  Although the stress may temporarily increase if the pup decides to use a new shoe as a chew toy, stress levels generally decrease being in the company of a dog.  The pup can also give the senior a sense of purpose and make him or her feel needed.  And the dog also benefits by having a loving home with regular meals and vet visits.  So bringing a dog into a senior’s home and life can be a mutually beneficial relationship of love and companionship.

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If your elderly parent or loved one may not be able to adequately care for the pet on their own, there is great solution. Freedom Home Care offers a pet care service where a caregiver will come and make sure the pet is well cared for.
Source: Huffington Post