Best Tablets For Seniors

The popularity of laptops and tablets have increased over the past few years.
Tablets have become particularly beneficial not only because of their maneuverability and ease of use, but because they provide a better overall user experience than a smartphone or traditional PC.
For seniors, a tablet offers a wide screen that can be adjusted for better viewing, as well as Bluetooth for greater sound. They’re usually lighter than a laptop and can be carried along wherever your senior goes.
In addition to their tangible attributes, tablets allow older users to easily access health records and medical information, while staying connected to loved ones using social media and SKYPE.

If you’re considering buying a tablet for your senior, but aren’t sure which device will fit their needs, has put together a list of a few we thought would be best suited for seniors.

The Kindle Fire HD is a device that’s affordable, reliable and easy to use.
The newest version of the Fire features a large 10.1 inch screen with high resolution display for better viewing, a rear Home Care Near Highland Parkand front facing camera for error-free picture taking, and 38 million movies, books, games and apps for unlimited entertainment.
The Kindle Fire also gives your loved one access to a wide variety of music from their favorite artists, along with the capability to sample E-Books before purchasing.
They can also send and receive emails, take pictures, and Skype loved ones to stay connected.
The Apple iPad Last year Apple announced that it would be partnering with IBM to create apps especially designed to help seniors monitor their health, send reminders about medication and doctors’ appointments, and facilitate in-home care services.
Apple says the goal is help improve the lives of seniors and adapt to the way each person communicates and uses the application.
Some of the iPad app’s features include large, easy-to-read buttons, adjustable settings for vision and hearing impaired users, ample-sized text, dictation, and Siri-read emails and websites.      
This tablet also comes equipped with a “Help” button that provides remote assistance 24 hours a day for any iPad related issues and insurance against theft or damage.
As for the device itself, your loved one will enjoy a 9.7 inch screen with 16GB and a battery life of 10 hours for around $300.
The Microsoft Surface Pro – if your senior plans to use their tablet for a little more than watching movies and reading E-Books and can afford to spend a little extra on a device, this might be a good investment.
A whopping 12.3 inch screen ensures seamless navigation, while a thinner, more light-weight design makes it easier to carry around.
We think the Surface Pro’s best feature by far is its ability to convert into a laptop – whether your loved one is taking advantage of outpatient services or alternative therapy – in a matter of seconds this device can be utilized anywhere.
“All year” battery life and a more powerful processer ensures that your loved one will get the most bang for their buck with the Microsoft Pro.

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