Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 19th – which got us thinking here at , “What is the role of a father” anyway?

A father’s role is more significant than most people actually realize.
Sure, Dads are great at coaching little league softball games and scaring away ‘Monsters’ in the middle of the night. But they also play a deeper, more significant part in our lives.
Fathers are not only the financial supporters and disciplinarians of their children, they are also central to a child’s emotional, cognitive and language development.
Home Care Near Highland ParkIt’s been proven that they are strong contributors to the academic achievement, self-esteem, and well-being of their children.
And no matter what the age, the role of “Dad” never seems to change.
Understanding the significance of what they do, we’ve found a few ideas that may not only be helpful in celebrating your senior on Father’s Day, but may also be beneficial in honoring the role that they play.
Often, we want to shower the men in our lives with treasures, gifts and momentos – which they always appreciate.

But, if your father is currently receiving or is a residence at a senior living community, there’s a good chance that what he desires most is time spent with the family.

While you’re visiting your loved one and he happens to be home-bound, find out how he’d like to spend his special day.
Maybe he’s into sports and would just opt to sit and watch a game. If he’d rather socialize and interact with others, invite friends and family over for a potluck. Watch some old movies together or play a game of Scrabble.
If you want to choose a gift, give Dad one that involves the things he likes to do. If mobility is not an issue, purchase a new rod or line and spend the day fishing together.
If he enjoys reading, order a gift subscription to his favorite magazine or newspaper and have it delivered to his home.
Dad’s a gadget guy? Sites like Ebay and Amazon are a one stop shop for great gifts like the Optelec PowerSlider Pocket Magnifier, which magnifies print up to 2x the normal size. It comes with a protective case that makes it easy to slide right into his pocket after use.

We know how emotional and challenging it can be to spend time on Father’s Day with a loved one suffering from or Dementia. He may not even realize the significance of the day, but with lots of love and patience, you can still make your visit worthwhile.

Experts say that attentive listening is one of the best gifts you can offer someone with memory issues.
Repetition in storytelling is not always the effect of the disease. Oftentimes, loved ones are consciously or subconsciously trying to put their lives into perspective – usually, one at a time.
By engaging with your senior, your actions say to them “What’s important to you, is also important to me.”
These moments of sharing personal stories can have a profound impact on everyone, while honoring your loved one on their special day.