Handling the Stress of a New Baby

There’s nothing more magical than the birth of a new baby.
First time parents often experience a myriad of emotions all while celebrating the arrival of their little bundle of joy.
And with of all of the responsibilities that come with newborn care, it’s normal for parents feel the stress of the task at hand.
FHC came up with a few ways to help moms and dads juggle everything from feedings and changings to relaxing and sleeping, while still experiencing the fulfillment that goes along with parenting.
Decide How To Tackle Each Task – Who will get up at night with the baby? Will you take turns or will one parent handle the feedings and changings while the other rests?
Come up with a plan that works for both partners before the baby is born to avoid frustration and unnecessary disagreements.
Get Some Rest – We realize it may be challenging to actually sleep with a newborn that needs attention almost constantly, but proper rest is an essential part of caring for your baby.
Experts say that sleep deprivation can affect your mood, concentration and memory – all of which are things that can be counterproductive to your health.
Take a few moments while the baby is asleep to create a feeding schedule.
Talk to your partner about waking up in shifts.
Every two – three hours each person rotates. This will allow you some time to rest, while adding structure to those seemingly endless days and nights.
Enlist Help From Family Or Friends – If professional services are beyond your budgetary means, we believe the best help is often free.
Sometimes new moms can feel overwhelmed with the daily tasks that accompany motherhood.
Prolonged stress and anxiety can actually lead to postpartum depression. Parents also have the tendency to become less responsive to their babies needs.
Doctors suggest accepting help from people you trust or even asking for assistance from family members and friends.
Use Calming Techniques If Baby Is Fussy – There will be days when the baby has been fed, changed and put down for nap, but he might still seem to be discontented.
Experts say sucking on a pacifier or finger is helpful, as well as swaddling your baby, rocking, holding and placing his hands together.
Other things that work to calm a newborn are baby swings, rides in the car and being placed in an infant seat on top of the dryer.
Take Time For You – Being a parent is truly a selfless job. It’s easy to forget that you need time to recharge for the benefit of yourself and your baby.
Things you can do to make sure you maintain your sense of self are planning to spend time with other adults, hiring a sitter for a date night with your partner, walking, reading and light exercise – all of which are great ways to maintain your independence.
If you are a new parent and are interested in a helping hand to keep your baby happy and healthy contact us today for information about our Chicago area newborn care.