Prescription Medications Can Effect Your Ability to Drive

At some point in their lives, nearly every American will have taken some form of prescription medication.
The statistics increase with age, as seniors between 65-79 are given more than 27 prescriptions each year.
And according to The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, many take five or more different types of medications a day.
For millions of Americans, taking prescriptions in order to treat temporary or chronic health conditions, is a fact of life.
But when consuming these medications before driving, the results can be potentially dangerous.
And depending on the type and dose, once in your system, they can dizziness, drowsiness, fainting difficultly concentrating, blurred vision, confusion and memory lapses.
The Food and Drug Administration stresses the importance of understanding the effects of the medications you are taking and whether they will interfere with your ability to drive.  An in-home care professional can help with that.
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Understanding these effects is significant for several reasons.
Driving requires you to be alert – able to concentrate and react quickly. The side effects of prescription drugs, in some cases, can slow your reaction time in the event of an accident, while in some states, driving while under the influence of prescription medication is actually illegal.
It’s also a good idea to understand which medicines cause more serious side effects and, if possible, avoid taking them right before driving.
Below, FHC made a list of the medications to look out for.
Products with codeine
Sleeping Pills
Pain Relievers
Allergy Medications
If you must drive, here a few things you can do to help make your experience a safe one:
Talk to your doctor about switching medications or decreasing the dosages of any prescriptions you’re taking.
Consider investing in reputable personalized elder care to ensure that you are taking correct dosages or administering medication correctly.
Carpool with others.  Ask a friend or family member to pick you up and take you to and from the grocery store and doctor’s visits.
Utilize public transportation
Locate ride or shuttle information. Some companies organizations provide these services especially for senior citizens.
Planning ahead, knowing the effects of prescribed medications and taking the proper safety precautions, can keep you and everyone else on the road safe.
If you are looking for senior care in the Chicago area, Freedom Home Care can care for your loved one and make sure they are safe.