GPS Devices to Help with Dementia and Aging

Wandering is becoming an increasing problem in the U.S.
Statistics say that between 60 and 70 percent of loved ones with Alzheimer’s will wander off at some point in their illness.
In dementia patients, changes in the brain occur that cause the urge to wander.
As, they begin to roam about, Alzheimer’s sufferers look for people, places or things that might be familiar to them – behavior that has a tendency to increase the longer they suffer from cognitive decline.
Sadly, many older adults with the disease who wander off become disoriented, can’t remember their name or address and never find their way home.
Because we know how serious it is when a loved one is missing, FHC has researched some of the best tracking devices available that not only help keep them safe but track and monitor seniors when they wander off.
Comfort Zone Check-In is a location service offered by the Alzheimer’s Association that uses GPS to locate and return Alzheimer’s patients. Family members can also set up predetermined boundaries near patient’s homes and receive notifications if loved ones leave the safety zone.
iTraq is a tracking technology that uses cell towers to determine location and is known as “the world’s first global location device that can be found anywhere.” It utilizes a mobile application to help users determine its location through a map of locations and timestamps.
Project Lifesaver developed a program designed to save lives and reduce of the dangers associated with wandering. A small tracker is worn around the wrist or ankle and when notified, a team of emergency professionals are dispatched to the area where the loved one has wandered off.
PocketFinder is a small, waterproof tracking device that provides a GPS location and address, the distance your loved one is from the address and if they leave the designated area.
GPS Smart Sole is technology worn inside of the sole of the shoe, offering real time tracking information. Family members can set up a safe zone and the device will provide a detailed report of location history that can be tracked from wherever you are.
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