February is National Senior Independence Month

Age can bring on a myriad of emotions, fears and concerns.
And even if you’re are able to fully function on your own or are receiving in-home care or outpatient services, every senior deserves to live their life as independently as possible.
In efforts to help promote a more self-sufficient lifestyle among older Americans, February has been designated National Senior Independence Month.
During the “golden” years, the journey towards greater independence can include everything from healthy eating habits, physical fitness and proper medical care to accident prevention and creating new experiences.
Everything you do has an impact on you lifestyle and empowerment comes from taking advantage of those freedoms in order to take the best possible care of yourself.
Here are a few things FHC believes can be helpful in helping maintain senior independence.
Maintain regular doctor visits. If you’ve been diagnosed with a health condition, it’s important to stick to your recovery plan and take any medications prescribed by your doctor.
Make fitness a part of your daily routine. Even if it’s walking to the corner and back or taking a Yoga class, regular physical activity is an important part of staying in shape.
Keep all rooms well lit. It’s necessary to be able to see down dark halls or along the stairwell in order to prevent unnecessary trips and falls.
Be sure to install grab bars where needed. Bathrooms, showers and toilets are areas where these devices help you get safely up, down, in and out.
Stay sharp mentally. Keep your brain engaged and stimulated by playing puzzles games, getting plenty of sleep and eating foods rich in Vitamins B-12, B-6 and D-3.
Do something new. Take an art class, learn how to play an instrument or master a new computer program, grow a garden. All of these things become new and interesting experiences.
Do some spring cleaning. Clearing old clothes papers and books out of the basement, room or attic, replacing worn carpeting, and repairing old wiring, gets rid of unwanted clutter and creates a safe space for you to movement about, keeping you and others free from harm.