Consider Meal Delivery to Make Food Prep Easier

Getting around can be difficult for seniors especially when mobility is an issue.
And when going from point A to B is a challenge that makes it tough for older loved ones to maintain a healthy diet because they have no way to access they food that they need.
Many people are not aware that hunger and under-nutrition are slowly becoming an epidemic in the U.S.  It was reported by the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger that in 2014, 15.8 percent of the population or 10.2 million older Americans were threatened by hunger, while And 3.7 million seniors are malnourished in this country.
Many more organizations are fighting to end hunger in the senior community and as a result, there are ways to make hot, healthy meals accessible for seniors who aren’t able to cook for themselves or who might be living on their own.
FHC did some research and found several resources that might be helpful when trying to decide what food service to utilize and which menu best meets the dietary needs of your older loved one.

Meals on Wheels 

Is an independent meal service committed to helping seniors live a healthier and more nourished lifestyle?
More than 500 local facilities encompass Meals on Wheels around the U.S. Each is independently operated and works in conjunction with volunteers, community organizations, donors and sponsors to provide hot, nutritious meals for homebound seniors.
Volunteers deliver daily meals to elderly participants who are not able to leave home and for those seniors who are able to travel to their local community center, nutritious food and friendly companionship is available.

The Magic Kitchen 

A special meal program that caters to busy families and seniors, The Magic Kitchen makes healthy, restaurant quality meals available for delivery to older loved ones.  Each meal is made by the company’s chefs, flash frozen and prepared in bundles, entrees and side dishes.
Food is prepared according to the dietary needs of the person with special senior discounts available for pre-made meals.

Personal Chef To-Go 

Servicing homemade, home-style lunches and dinners, the Personal Chef To-Go prepares meals for families and seniors as well.
Following American Heart Association’s guidelines for healthy living, the company also incorporates ethnic flavors in their foods like Mediterranean, Asian and Latin American.
The Personal Chef To-Go offers the kinds of meals that you sit down with family and friends to eat. The frozen meal service accommodates special dietary needs and can be delivered right to your door.
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