National Senior Citizen Fitness Day – May 31st

On May 31st more than 100,000 seniors will become part of one of the nation’s largest annual health promotion events for the elderly – National Senior Health & Fitness Day.
With a goal of encouraging seniors to stay health and in shape, older loved ones all over the country will be descending upon more than 1,000 locations in celebration of the 24th annual senior fitness event.
A public-private partnership coordinated by the Mature Market Resource Center, National Senior Health & Fitness Day, is hosted by local organizations advocating the health and fitness of older adults.
By purchasing a registration packet, any group can sponsor National Senior Health & Fitness Day activities. Once registered, you get access to the event website plus all of the resources and materials needed to plan the event.
Each year, churches, senior centers, hospitals, health clubs, senior center and retirement communities host activities such as low impact exercises, fitness walks, information workshops and health screenings. Each location offers different exercises for participants to engage in.
The theme for 2017’s National Senior Health & Fitness Day is “With Movement…There’s Improvement!” Those of us here at Freedom Home Care realize that physical activity is one of the most effective ways of preventing conditions like stroke, diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline.
And staying on top of the following areas can improve your health and your overall quality life, not just on National Senior Health & Fitness Day, but everyday.
Most people know the benefits of a healthy diet. But for older loved ones meals that provide the body with a balanced portion of vitamins, proteins and minerals can help lower the risks of high blood pressure, heart disease and different types of cancer.
Chronic Disease Management
The government has taken steps to promote change in the way chronic conditions are addressed in the U.S. through programs like Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Strategic Framework. Statistics say that at least 80 percent of American seniors have a chronic disease – 68 percent have two.  There are countless programs, workshops, communities and organizations whose mission is to help older loved ones take control of this crucial area.
Early Treatment of Other Conditions
It’s not only important to manage one’s physical health but mental health as well. Prevention and screening of mental health and behavioral conditions are beneficial to healthy aging.
Organizations such as the Center for Disease Control help aid in the detection and prevention of diseases in seniors. In some cases Medicare may help cover annual wellness visits, screenings and other preventative care services for seniors regardless of whether they receive in-home care or alternative care services.