National Senior Citizen's Day

In honor of seniors everywhere and the all the ways they bring wisdom, joy and love to our everyday lives, on August 21st, Freedom Home Care will be celebrating National Senior Citizen’s Day.
It’s also a time when we acknowledge the many contributions and achievements they’ve made over the years and to raise awareness about their social, health and economic issues.
This was a proclamation made by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 who stated that because of the ways seniors impact our lives, they deserve a day to be honored and recognized. Before that, Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act on August 14, 1935 – the date many people still celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day on.
President Regan touched upon how older Americans have stepped up to fulfill the roles of both matriarchs and patriarchs in our culture. Who they are is what binds us to our history. He also praised their work ethic and the example they set for the generations that come after them.
He talked about giving back to our older loved ones by ensuring them a safe, comfortable place within our communities as they age, as well as a place where they can take full advantage of the benefits and opportunities afforded to all Americans. This will help them achieve a lifestyle of freedom and independence.
And on August 21, 1988, the United States Congress declared Proclamation 5847 as National Senior Citizen’s Day.
Since then, people have been celebrating the holiday in many different ways all over the U.S. Here are some of the ways you can honor the older loved ones in your life:
Create a Fun Activity  
What are some of your senior’s favorite things to do? Maybe he likes to play checkers or chess. Perhaps she loves to go to the movies. Maybe mom and dad are huge opera fans. It doesn’t matter if your senior has had Chicago in-home care or personalized elder care, there’s an activity that they can participate in and enjoy.
Schedule a Visit
Things get so hectic during our everyday routines. But today is a day that you can set aside the busy-ness and spend quality time with your loved one.
Connect Online
According to a Pew Research Center report, more than half of seniors who participated in the study, use the internet. This is a great way to stay connected with your loved one especially if you live far away. There are a number of ways to keep connect online – from playing games to skyping or face timing.
Seniors love to serve their family, friends, and others. Volunteering is a great way to meet the needs of people who are sick or less fortunate while benefitting from the positive health benefits that come with serving.