Top Qualities To Look For in a Caregiver

For many loved ones, there comes a time when they may need a little help doing the things in life they once did on their own. And one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever need to make for your family member is trying to find the right person to help meet those needs.
You know your loved one. His personality, disposition, wants, likes and needs. Because your caregiver would be spending many precious moments with your senior, understandably you’ll want someone who is compatible. While there are a number of different qualities you might expect in someone offering care, experts suggest looking for these six basic characteristics in a provider:
Are They Caring?
Empathy is one of the most important qualities. If the person is empathetic he or she is able to put themselves in the place of your loved one and understand what they might be going through, especially while sick or in pain.  When a person is kind and compassionate, not only does it create trust, it also helps strengthen the bond between client and companion.
Are They Attentive?
Listening and offering undivided time and attention are also part of what it means to be a caregiver. There might be times your loved is suffering and not able to express himself or there might be a change in diet or physical appearance. Some days your loved one may just need someone to talk to. An attentive person is able to observe changes, identify needs and act accordingly.
Are They Honest?
It’s difficult to know how trustworthy someone is when you’re meeting them for the first time. Oftentimes, the initial presentation may not offer a complete picture of the person. Freedom Home Care suggests doing research, asking for referrals and interviewing people prior to hiring a caregiver. This way, you can be sure that you’ve placed your loved one in the hands of someone who will provide them with the best possible care.
Have they Undergone a Background Check?
In many states, caregivers must submit to a background check. While this focuses on many aspects of a person’s prior history, it may not be comprehensive. Experts recommend that a national criminal background check be performed for a more thorough personal review. Background checks are beneficial in helping to ensure the safety and protection of those in a provider’s care.
Are they Trained?
Because caregivers are responsible for attending to the mental, physical and emotional needs of your senior, it’s best to find a Chicago in-home care provider who has been fully trained and certified so that whatever the tasks call for, he or she can properly meet your loved one’s needs.